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A Few of Our Reviews

2016 Reader's Choice Awards Winner
for Best Steak, Arkansas Times
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2015 Reader's Choice Awards Winner
for Best Steak, Arkansas Times
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"Little Rock's mecca for gumbo and gab."
People Magazine

"I do LOVE the Steaks at Doe's Eat Place."

Mary Twedt, Arkansas Cooks Live Show

"Doe's Eat Place has the classic feel of a homespun
cafe from deep in the heart of Dixie."

Spectrum Weekly

"There is a reason why this little joint is known around the world. They have done it for a long time and do it consistently well. Overall, Doe’s Restaurant is a great place to chill out with a beer. It is what it is...a joint. In the good, southern sense of the word." (Read Full Review)

Michelle Canulla, Arkansas Free Press

"The menu is limited, but what there is, is pretty darn good. Doe’s, considered the favorite Little Rock dining spot for former President Clinton, as well as a favored dining spot for the area’s movers and shakers, is pretty busy most lunch times and weekend nights. It will no doubt get even busier as out-of-towners flood in for the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center in coming weeks.

They’ll see nearly every inch of the off-white walls in the front dining room lined with photographs, cartoons, caricatures, framed newspaper articles, vintage advertising materials, wine bottles, beer bottles, antique rifles, a wooden Indian and other bric-a-brac."
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Doe’s a dear place for good steaks, service
Eric E. Harrison, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"If there was ever a better plate of spaghetti and meatballs...I just cannot remember it."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

We confess that we have been unreasonable snobs about the original Doe's eat place in Mississippi, which we have long touted as the best steak in the South, maybe in all America. But after a few dinners at this Little Rock branch, we believe that Doe's excellence does indeed travel, at least across the Mississippi River; and we would stack up the Little Rock Doe's against any T-bone-and-potatoes meal, anywhere.

The steaks are gorgeous: up to three pounds of pillowy porterhouse, sirloin, or T-bone. They are accompanied by hugely flavorful French fries, tamales with spicy chili ladled on top, and an oily, garlicky marinated salad. The ambience is delicious, a sort of pool-hall chic with a worn linoleum floor, pictures of Delta bluesmen on the wall, and waitresses in blue jean cut-offs and sneakers. Because it is in a less-than-elegant part of town, Doe's keeps a chaperon just outside to escort you to and from your car.

Eat Your Way Across the U.S.A, by Jane and Michael Stern

Doe's Eat Place

Adam Edmondson and Chef David

"If there was ever a better plate of spaghetti and meatballs...I just cannot remember it."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"The prime steakhouse in central Arkansas. The beef remains sublimely succulent. The accompanying salad, boiled new potatoes, French fries and Texas toast give comforting reassurance that some things do stay the same in this world."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"I was there for the fine cheeseburger that was delivered to my table, a half pound of medium-well cooked beef on a white seedless untoasted bun, pasted to that top bun with a slice of American (not pasteurized-processed) cheese. The bun was chilly, the meat was hot and the big pile of iceberg lettuce on the bottom was cool and crispy and coated with the mayonnaise that also covered the bottom bun. A hearty slice of tomato and some somewhat thick ridgy dills accompanied.

There was nary an onion slice to be found. That, I assume, is because there are tidbits of onion in the meat, the only spicing I could determine in that nicely crusted beef patty. Nay, mayhaps there was just a slug of Worchestershire sauce in its inception, but the patty itself was devoid of all but the slightest enhancement with salt, pepper or spices. In fact, the high quality of the beef itself was the star, unencumbered by the fine quality American cheese that it carried." (Read Full Article)

Burger joint of the week: Doe's Eat Place
Kat Robinson, Urban Spoon

"Huge steaks, great tamales and broiled shrimp and killer burgers at lunch."

Arkansas Times

I’ll admit, the end result was pleasing. Choosing to boil them in broth kept them moist and tender. They were plenty spicy as well; there was no lack of chili powder in this dish.

Overall, I’d call them an improvement over many tamales I’ve eaten in the past, but I still didn't find them to be terribly exciting and soon became bored after a few bites. The bowl of chili was no slouch, though—hot, beefy, and an excellent addition on top of the tamales. (Read Full Review)

Doe's and the trouble with tamales, posted by Daniel Walker

"There's no meaner feat than broiling a shrimp without cooking the taste out of it. Doe's broiler cook can do it right. Ours were succulent. Dig in and watch out for neighbors utensils."

Arkansas Times

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Recognized by The Catfish Institute in 1998 for a superior job preparing farm-raised catfish. (Served only at lunch)

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