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Meet Chef David

Five Star Cooking Attracts An Interesting Crowd.

It’s amazing, really. He has served Presidents, Movie Stars, Governors, Rock & Country Singers. A variety of notable clientele. “I love what I do,” Chef David says. “Doe’s is a good place to work at and I want to be here. I like the people. We’re like family.”

He started working round Doe’s back in 1990. There's a lot of fun stories about the famous people who have visited this establishment. One time, Chef David recalls, seeing the infamous Tom Cruise. There's some charming and laughable details to the event. Be sure to ask Chef David about it the next time you visit.

Tom Cruise is just one of many cherished customers. John Ritter has also pulled up a bar stool and had a bite to eat. Same is true for cast members from "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Designing Women," "Northern Exposure," "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and a long list of other film stars. There's also, on quite a regular basis, some notable political figures, doctors and sports legends.

Chef David believes if it hadn’t been for his Mom, he’d never be where he is now. “I want to send her a special thanks.”

A lot of people talk to Chef David about making steak. “One time this guy asked...what am I doing wrong?“ Chef David laughs. "Everyone cooks a little different. I tell them I have a special blend of stuff I like to call love juices."

Chef David

Chef David is celebrating 25+ years at Doe's Eat Place

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